Jonspring Company Inc. - Manufacturers of Custom Precision Springs


Our History

  • JonSpring Co Inc was established in 1985 by Jon and Constance Goff.
  • We are located in Springfield, Ma, where we have a manufacturing facility of 21,000 sq ft that was built in 2004.
  • In 2015 Donald and Deborah Lyons acquired the company.
  • Don brought more than 25 years of experience within the Spring industry to the team at JonSpring.
  • The company has demonstrated excellent growth as we continue to expand our capabilities and product offerings for our customers.
  • Today our capabilities include over 25 CNC multi-axes spring coilers and wire forming machines, 13 torsion winders, cost-efficient semi-automated packing equipment, a wide array finishing options, flexible ordering from single prototypes to ongoing Just-In-Time/Kanban supply chain fulfillment.

Affiliations, Certifications and Our Mission

We strive to provide the best quality and satisfaction by reinvesting a significant portion of our capital in updating our equipment yearly.

  • Woman Owned Business
  • NESMA and SMI Member

A large segment of our clients discovered us through our responsiveness in quick prototyping and spring design assistance, especially given our ability to offer same-day turnaround thanks to our extensive custom CNC equipment and in-house tooling capabilities that positively differentiate us from our spring manufacturing competitors.

Extensive capabilities, flexible processes, adaptable infrastructure and 30+ years of expertise, when combined with our staff, enable us to consistently deliver fast service, high quality and unparalleled cost-effectiveness, while proudly honoring our founders' legacy by striving to give our customers the best quality and satisfaction - that is our mission, exactly as envisioned by our founders in 1985.